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Commercial AC Installation for Brevard County, FL

Commercial and residential air conditioners are not only very different systems, but they also require their own installation process.

When you consider the size of the commercial building, the locations of the different system components, and the complexity of the design, it’s easy to see why commercial AC installations require a professional.

Here’s everything you need to know about the Brevard, FL commercial AC installation process from start to finish.

Determining The Proper Sized Commercial System

Not every air conditioning system will work for every building. Just like smaller air conditioners for windows, the size of the system and the way it’s laid out plays a critical role in how efficient and effective it is.

With experienced Brevard, FL AC professionals like us, you can rest assured that we’ll put our knowledge to use by surveying the property and measuring the area before completing any AC services for your business. This will ensure you’re getting not only an air conditioner unit that fits, but a unit that’s big enough to cool the building efficiently.

Model Selection

There are plenty of different models of air conditioners from various manufacturers. It can be intimidating when faced with all the choices as to what system is going to work the best for your commercial space. We can help you identify what model would be the right fit for both performance and price. You will need to consider whether you are going to combine your heating and cooling in a complete HVAC system, or if you would prefer to only have your air conditioner installed.

The right air conditioner will not only work well, but increase your building’s energy efficiency. With increased efficiency comes better performance of your system, making it last longer and need fewer ac repairs over time. You will also save money on your monthly energy bill, which you can put towards further improving your commercial space. And of course, you will be helping the environment.

Commercial AC Installation

Perhaps the most important part of the process is the actual installation. It is not as simple as what you’d see with a residential system.

Depending on the building’s size, a commercial AC installation can require professional crane operators for roof units, ductwork or replacement, and control set up. The larger the building and the more floors you have, the more complicated the installation process becomes. This is no small feat, and you should always leave this type of work to the professionals. You should also consider commercial AC maintenance for the longterm health of your system.

How to Get Started

If you are in the market for an air conditioner in your commercial building, the first step is a phone call. By giving us a call, we can answer any questions you may have and gather more information about what you are looking to get out of our service. We can give you a walk-through of our process, explain more about our years of experience, and even go over models that you may be interested in. If you like what you hear we can then schedule an in-person appointment.

During the in-person appointment, we’ll come to your building to look at the existing air conditioning set up, or assess the best location if you’re installing one for the first time. We can then take measurements and make recommendations as to where ducts should go and what size model you will need. We’ll provide you a quote for the equipment and installation.

Once we’ve decided on the proper equipment, we can discuss the schedule and explain what’s needed on your part, if any, to prepare the space.

On the day of, it is best to have the space closed and vehicles cleared to make it easy to move around and set everything up. Depending on the size of the building and the extent of the work involved, it can take several days from start to finish.

However, if we’re just installing the unit itself with no duct work, the process can be as quick as a couple of hours.

Once the job is done, you can rest easy knowing you have our guarantee that the work is professional quality and protected by a warranty. If anything at all goes wrong after we leave, simply give us a call, and we will come to take care of it.

Are You Ready for Your New Air Conditioning System?

Whether your commercial building is in the market for a replacement air conditioning system, or your building is starting without one, we can help you find the right unit and install it for you. Just give us a call to get started.