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Residential Air Conditioning Service & Repair For Brevard County & Surrounding Areas

AC Repair (Emergency Services Available)

If your air conditioner suddenly stops working, that can be a significant inconvenience to you and your family and you may need to hire an A/C repair contractor for your home. At Air Gagers, we understand how important it is to have working air conditioning. That’s why we provide after-hours emergency service, upon availability and at no extra cost, for any A/C issue for all of Brevard County.

Service is our #1 priority, and we will always try to work with what you have before selling you something you may not need. Our expert technicians will thoroughly explain all of your options, and can work with whatever make, model, and setup you have for your A/C. If you have a problem with your air conditioning, call us today for fast and reliable service!

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AC Installation

In the Florida heat, your A/C is usually the only escape. In a region with our hot, humid climate, it’s more important than ever to have a high efficiency, up to date air conditioning system. As with any other appliance, air conditioners lose their effectiveness and need to be replaced over time. When it’s time to get a new A/C unit, it’s always better to have highly trained and experienced professionals take care of the installation.

A/C installation can be a very technical process, and no home or A/C unit is exactly the same as another. We’re licensed and insured professionals, and we can assure you, it’s always better to have a seamless installation than repairs and replacements later on due to poor installation.

We service and install a wide range of air conditioning systems, from residential models to large commercial-scale systems. We care about our customers, and that’s why we only recommend and install air conditioners we know provide the best quality and highest efficiency. 

If you’re not sure what type of system you need, or whether you even need a new heating and cooling system, call today for guidance you can trust. 

We won’t ever push you to buy anything you don’t need, but we will give you advice on what you need to know about the new A/C installation, and what to expect during the process. 

While our Air Gagers main office is in Rockledge, our AC company is proud to serve the entire Brevard County area for all new A/C installation services.

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AC Maintenance Services

AC maintenance is essential to the longevity of your air conditioning system. Whether it’s a new or older system, or it’s a home unit or commercial system, proper maintenance is key. Without a functioning air conditioner, the indoor air quality of your home or business drastically decreases.

Keeping up with regular maintenance can keep your air conditioner working in top condition, improving efficiency and extending the life of your A/C unit, while also saving you money along the way.

In Florida, when it gets hot, you’re dealing with what most would consider a severe heatwave, except it lasts all year! Therefore, any slight increase in temperature or humidity in your home can make a big impact. At Air Gagers, we understand how air conditioning efficiency can make a HUGE difference in comfort AND budget.

Our office in Rockledge, FL serves all of Brevard County, Florida, for any regular or unexpected air conditioner maintenance servicing.

Air conditioning systems are as much of an investment in your home as anything else. Make sure you protect that investment with annual maintenance and tune-up whenever something doesn’t seem right, or, just to maintain its efficiency.

When our licensed A/C maintenance technicians make their annual visit, they check your system inside and out. We make sure your entire A/C system gets a full tune-up, and of course, we’re always on the lookout for potential problems that could lead to bigger issues in the future.

We make sure your A/C system is maintained for maximum efficiency. We’ll change or clean your filter and make sure all the drain lines are clear and unclogged. If there’s any blockage, our technicians will make sure it’s cleared during your visit.

Your regular maintenance check will also include the following; checking heating & cooling function, amps on compressor & motors, checking capacitor, Checking safety floats & smoke detectors/fire alarms if present, check & balance freon charge (includes 1lb 410-A), inspect the condition of condenser coils and rinse if water is accessible, inspect the condition of evaporator coil & discuss cleaning if necessary.

Even if you haven’t been keeping up with your annual AC maintenance, we’re here to help you get started. Our customer service is our top priority, and we’re the go-to licensed and insured A/C maintenance service for the entire Brevard County area.

Don’t wait until your air conditioning is failing, call today so our team can keep your air conditioner on the right track.

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